Der Fitz-Knochen

Practical links

Mertingen is located neither on a big river nor an ocean. The city is located in convenient proximity to a four-lane national highway; the six-lane autobahn Augsburg-Munich goes right by the airport. Important guests are flown by helicopter from the airport directly onto the FitzInterior company premises. This is made possible by a cooperative agreement with Eurocopter in Donauwoerth. And yet, architects, designers and yacht manufacturers from around the globe entrust Fitz Interior in Mertingen with the fittings for yachts, villas and entire executive office floors. For excellent quality is of higher concern for them than a central location.

It does not matter where Fitz Interior has its workshop. Because Fitz Interior invented the “Fitz-Bone” that looks like an elongated X. All building components and rooms in a yacht or a building are prefabricated according to a layout, laser-drawn with milimetre accuracy onto high-density fiberboard in Mertingen. Here, the Fitz-bones function as connecting pieces. Later on, the building components are packed into crates and shipped to the construction sites or ship yards where they will be assembled accurately by Fitz experts. Viewed this way, all rooms are built twice: Once on the shop floor in Mertingen, where the clients can directly experience them and a second time at their final destination.