Under one roof

Many sites, one production

Fitz Interior employs about 60 women and men. All the rooms of a yacht, a villa or an office building are built inside on the two construction shops. Engineers, electricians, varnishers and joiners: there is an expert for everything in the Fitz Interior workshop. A glimpse into the Fitz Interior workshop: Here, several different trades are united under one roof.
  • Produktion bei Fitz mit Mitarbeiter und PlänenConstruction acceptance

    Construction acceptance

    Before the black marble guest bathroom goes on its voyage to the shipyard it has to pass final inspection.

  • Fitz Mitarbeiter bei der ArbeitGrinding operations

    Grinding operations

    Here, particularly filigree sanding is done by hand.

  • Holz auf Lager bei FitzTimbers in stock

    Timbers in stock

    The inventory holds a wide variety of woods in all shapes and sizes.

  • Zwei Fitz Mitarbeiter beim ArbeitenAssembly


    The framework of a room stands erect; wall, and ceiling paneling will be mounted next.

  • Fitz Mitarbeiter beim ArbeitenPrecision shapes

    Precision shapes

    In the manufacture of custom-fitted mold parts, keen sensitivity and steadiness are of prime importance.

  • Fitz Mitarbeiterin bei der Arbeit an einer InnenwandCreating spaces

    Creating spaces

    One after the other, all of a yacht’s rooms are created here, including the hallways, windows and doors.

  • Fitz Mitarbeiter beim LackierenVarnish


    Fitz Interior has their own enameling lines that fulfill the most rigorous environmental standards.

  • Team Fitz über Plänen an einem TischFamily affair

    Family affair

    Everything is done family style here: Josef and Dieter Fitz discuss the newest assignments with the family.

  • Fitz Knochen in Box von obenConnecting links

    Connecting links

    A chest full of connecting links. Beside the Fitz-Bones, these are the most important parts.

  • Mitarbeiter Fitz bei der ArbeitMillimeter precision

    Millimeter precision

    The framework of the rooms is a matter of millimeters. Everything is checked against the technical blueprints.

  • Runde Bögen aus HolzSolution-focused


    The customer may desire any shape and any texture: Fitz Interior will find a solution for everything.

  • Fitz Mitarbeiter bei der ArbeitExperience


    The constantly changing challenges and assignments require an accute sense of dimensions and experience.

  • Fitz Mitarbeiter bei der ArbeitDelicate touch

    Delicate touch

    Here, masterworks are created with supreme sensitivity and fierce attention to detail.

  • Holzbild mit AdlerInlays


    It is hard to find another joinery that is able to produce such lavish inlay.

  • Mitarbeiter Fitz bei der ArbeitHandcrafted


    Fitz Interior continues to emphasize manual production.

  • Mitarbeiter Fitz am PCCAD


    All work is based on computer-generated CAD plans.

  • Maschine Produktion Fitz InteriorLaser


    The precision lasers cut wooden pieces with accuracy to the milimeter.

  • Produktion Detailaufnahmen HolzExample of lasers

    Example of lasers

    The precision lasers cut wooden shapes with millimeter precision.

  • Kleines HolzmodellSpace model

    Space model

    An example of the laser’s fine precision.

  • ProduktionLettering


    The model of a room for the mega yacht PELORUS. It served as the guideline for the final construction.