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The patented “fitz-bone” is the connector in the manufacture of premium furniture as well as in the interior fitting of custom-made yachts.
Now it serves as a bridge between Fitz Interior and other master craftsmen. A unique network of specialists has been gathered under the brand “fitz&friends”.


Members fitz&friends network
Like Fitz Interior, fitz&friends are indebted to the traditions of artisanship, home and provenance:

>> Armoured Car Systems –protected mobile secure
>> Audiovisual media – in media with passion
>> Beer like champagne – an unique experience
>> Event Organisation – what money can`t buy
>> Eventware technologie – in emotions are our profession
>> Helicopter – civil and military range
>> Luxury Technology – some think different
>> Material Customizing – individuality is today`s luxury
>> Medical and Beauty – we care about you
>> Personal Training – try to learn your body
>> Privat Jet Consulting – we innovate flying
>> Profesional in bus travel – in new dimension of mobility
>> Richard Walch – Photography and Film


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