Special materials of the
highest quality

Form and Perfection: Gold, leathers, natural fibers and wood of all kinds: Fitz Interior will apply their artisanry to any material.

  • Puckered leather

  • Hand-milled and scrubbed solid sheet

  • Oak paneling with miniature ribs

  • Stone cubes with naturally broken surface

  • Beach or Drift wood

  • Miscellaneous burl wood veneers

  • Hand-milled and scrubbed solid sheet

  • Corrugated deer skin

  • Bush-hammered stone

  • Hand-milled multi-layered wood board

  • Amboyna wood and other burl woods

  • Burled root wood from a nut tree

  • Natural fibers, among them banana leaves

  • Hand-braided leather

  • Miscellaneous samples of fine-grained leathers

  • Bush-hammered stone